Custom High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces
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 Graphite Furnace Systems

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Graphite Furnace Systems

Graphite Furnace Systems was formed to provide quality high temperature vacuum furnaces. From design inception through installation, we offer our customers unparalleled service with superior craftsmanship.  All furnaces are fully 3D modeled prior to construction.  All components are selected for their quality which ensures trouble free operation.



Our staff members not only bring more than 25 years of experience building high temperature vacuum furnaces for demanding applications, but over 25 years of experience in operating and maintaining these systems.  With this in mind, we engineer our furnaces for 24/7 operation with detailed P/M programs to prevent unplanned down time.  Please explore our company and our capabilities.




Heat Treating


Hot Pressing

Carbon Fiber Processing

Induction Heating

Ceramic Firing

Inert Gas Purification

Chemical Vapor Deposition

Material Densification

Chemical Vapor Infiltration

Powder Melting

Crystal Growing

Silicon Nitriding